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Emotions run high during settlement of family law disputes. People often say that they are willing to do whatever it takes to “win.” The price to the family, both financially and emotionally, are just too high. We work tirelessly to assist in the family's journey to obtain the best possible outcome for the children and the parents but keep the case from degrading into a battle for the sake of a battle.

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Please click here to peruse the numerous and topic specific articles I have written and collected in the areas of law in which I practice. If you cannot find an answer in my Articles, e-mail me for an immediate reply.

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Howard S. Dyment LL.B.

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York University: Undergraduate
Graduated:  University of Ottawa Law School in 1976
Called to the Bar: 1978
Licensed Arbitrator since 1997

Practice Areas

Practising since 1978

Family Law/Divorce
Separation Agreements
Marriage Contracts
Child and spousal support
Support Variation
Division of Family Property
Real Estate Purchases & Sales
Wills & Powers of Attorney
Estate Administration


I am a Family Law Practitioner, Notary Public, Mediator, and Licensed Arbitrator with almost 40 years experience as a Lawyer. I work closely with my clients emphasizing legal services that most concern them and their families.

Howard S. Dyment Law Office

My group consists of myself as lead counsel, Forensic Accountants, General Accountants, Marriage Counsellors, Social Workers, one of whom specializes in children of broken homes and a Physical Trainer. Others, including private investigators, are employed on an as needed basis.

My team is a cohesive group, which works together, continuously keeping us all informed as to progress and developments on your behalf.

I am the facilitator where I am in charge of all information so that I can supply the necessary developments to those in the group who need to know the facts for his or her work to be carried out on your behalf.

You may click here and arrange a confidential, initial meeting with me to discuss your case and the services we can provide.

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