Year 1998


Since taking new offices on Bay Street more than five years ago, I have, through continuing education, technology and the development of a contact base of experts from numerous fields, provided you with the best of legal services regardless of the nature of your requests for assistance. I pledge to continue these efforts on your behalf.

Are your home and office computer systems and electronic devices, such as VCRs, ready for the year 2000? My strategy for the year 2000 has been in place for 11 months now and, by the end of March 1999, the last piece will be in place and all my computer systems will be year 2000 compliant.

As my clients you have a will and power of attorney. You are aware that I will revise them at no cost to you as often as your circumstances require. What you may not know is that I can help with your estate planning, by using trusts in an estate plan, life insurance in an estate plan, taxation at death, minimizing estate taxes and probate fees and planned giving to charities. Note that a bank-drawn power of attorney revokes the one I have drawn.

Debt can be crippling. I can help you with both consumer and business debt and show you how to eliminate it.

I can discuss with you and then refer you for further advice for life, home and health insurance, planning to achieve retirement, mutual funds and securities. Registered Education Savings Plans are even more attractive now since the recent legislative changes concerning RESPs.

My corporate clients should consider that good friends and family members may not be enough to make the most effective board for smaller companies. Give serious thought to retaining (and paying) outside directors. Let me discuss this with you and bring your minutes up to date at the same time.

The Family Law Child Support Guidelines are now firmly entrenched. Call me to see if your payments can be reduced if you are a payor or increased if you are a payee under the Guidelines. The calculation only takes a few minutes after inputting the necessary data into my DivorcemateJ software.

If you are considering separation or divorce, don't be a victim! Discrimination in our justice system remains and can be devastating. Hopefully, expected legislation will ease the situation but to obtain a fair and just settlement for your children, let alone yourself, you must plan, using all possible resources and strategies to succeed. Call me before you act unilaterally.

My Web Site is now up and can be accessed at Give it a try now and into the new year as it is further improved to provide you with even more efficient service and cost savings right on the linked web pages.

I wish you and your family a happy and joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.