Year 2000


This year I would like to begin my letter to you with a discussion of professionalism. I take my professionalism very seriously. Even though I am fully set up for e-commerce, I still want to meet with you personally and discuss your problem and its resolution and subsequently we can fully employ electronic communication.

It continues to be of utmost importance to me to pursue your case with skill, experience and expediency. I will always work together with you, with care, integrity, and utmost sincerity.

I have practised Collaborative Family Law for many years now and I was pleased to see that this past month The Law Society of Upper Canada has recognized this clearly superior approach to Family Law. The Law Society of Upper Canada sponsored a course for Lawyers, referring to Collaborative Family Law as a Revolution in Legal Services. I have a team of specialists at my disposal who attend at my offices to meet with you after I assess your needs in an initial visit. Not all my specialists are needed in every case but I have available a Psychiatrist, a Social Worker - whose specialty is children, a Health and Nutrition Counsellor, a Forensic Accountant and a General Accountant. With their direction and assistance I have been able, with my client's full involvement and cooperation, to wholly settle even the most difficult of Family Law Cases in weeks, not the months or years you have heard such cases can take to resolve.

The Registry Office has finally entered the 21st century with Electronic Registration in Peel, Halton, Wentworth, Middlesex and, later this year, York Region. Almost one half of the 55 Registry Offices have been converted to electronic title searching and all Sheriff's Offices throughout Ontario are set up for electronic lien searches. Every new Agreement of Purchase and Sale requires you to hire a solicitor who is set up for electronic registration. If you have read my news letters over the last several years you will know that I adopted the necessary technology for "e-reg" several years ago and remain in the forefront of adopting and using the latest "e-reg" technology to best serve your real estate needs.

I have in the past informed you that I am a TitlePLUS™ specialist. Title Insurance for your real estate purchases has now become the Rule rather than the exception. I am now being told "my old real estate lawyer does not believe in Title Insurance and I had to find a lawyer who uses Title Insurance."

This past year I have adopted password-protected e-mail attachments and direct private faxing to my e-mail server. Call for your password and feel free to fax to my e-mail server at 416-946-1329. I keep abreast of the latest in technology to help facilitate my commitment to client accessibility and personal service.

Again, I remind you of my no-cost service to update the Wills and Powers of Attorney I have drawn for you

If you are, or know of, a divorced or separated Parent paying "add-on" support, please give me a call or follow the link on my web page. A DIVORCEmate™ calculation, which I can carry out, will reduce the payments.

Try your luck at winning a Palm™ handheld just by visiting my revised web site found at, clicking on the link, and provide your e-mail address. Or just e-mail me and I will enter your name.

To you and your loved ones, I wish you my sincerest wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.