Year 2001


The tragedy and impact of September 11th has changed the world forever. I am currently working with a family who lost their beloved Husband and Father in the World Trade Center. This client had contacted me for the first time through my Website just before he left for New York. Tragedy can strike in a moment. If you have not prepared your Will and Powers of Attorney or not reviewed them recently - in the context of your current financial and estate plans - please call me. There is never a charge to re-write your Will or Powers of Attorney which I have originally drawn, nor is there a charge to review your estate plans. Since September 11th, I have offered free estate reviews to new clients as well as to my existing clients.

The stresses that we are all feeling in life has magnified. I want you to know that my door is always open to discuss your issues. If I cannot directly resolve your problem, I will be able to refer you to a member of my team or a referral source. All that can be done for you will be done, with discretion, caring and personal attention.

To continue to serve you even more efficiently, I have now adopted "unified messaging." You may continue to contact me, as in the past, at the same telephone, fax and e-mail numbers. Your calls and messages, if not received and answered immediately by myself or one of my assistants, will be forwarded to my universal mail box. I can then access your messages, however sent, from wherever I am and respond promptly.

I invite you to pull up my Web Site found at and access the link "Buying Real Estate in Ontario." I have received rave reviews from clients who have used my "instant" title search service when they are negotiating an agreement of purchase and sale. The search provides you with the names of the true owners, their purchase price, mortgaging and liens. This information is most valuable when determining what price the vendor is likely to accept. A real ace up your sleeve for the nominal charge of $75.00.

This past year there have been developments which affect common- law relationships and I invite you to read these articles on my Web Site.

You may also be interested in two recent articles I have placed on my Web Site.

I wish you peace and contentment through this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Yours truly,

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.