Year 2005


This past year I have helped many clients with passport issues as you now require a passport when traveling outside of Canada even to those places you did not need one in the past. The United States makes it almost impossible to enter the country without a passport. Your Powers of Attorney and Will are of great significance and should be reviewed and changed to reflect changes in your life. I continue to offer no-cost Estate Reviews and Will Changes for those clients whose Wills I have already drawn. Even if you have not drawn a Will or Power of Attorney with me, or have family who has not, the nominal cost to do so will truly be a benefit to your loved ones.

The area of Family Law and Divorce continues to evolve. Guideline Support has received its first review since 1997 and support payments will be increasing as of May 2006, albeit not automatically. Add-on support provisions have also received some tweaking. Call me and I can advise you how to take advantage of these changes so that they will be in place and ready for May 1st. I continue to stress the importance to parents who are separating and divorcing of the services of my psychotherapists and team of other individuals ready to assist during this traumatic time. Same sex marriages are on the rise, as well as same sex divorces. The same issues that confront traditional marriages are now beginning to confront same sex marriages.

It will be my pleasure to discuss your real estate issues with you. Whether you are buying that first home, your dream home or your retirement home, do not sign the contract until I have reviewed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

As our population ages, elder law and elder abuse are becoming joint areas of concern. The rights of senior citizens as to working, retirement and appropriate plans for the future should be made now while you are competent and can discuss them with advisors. Do not leave these decisions solely to your children, other family members or your doctor.

Technology has now evolved whereby I have commenced transferring your closed files into electronic format, storing them as pdf files. They are now immediately retrievable at your request.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your Family a Peaceful, Healthy and Happy New Year.

Yours truly,

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.