Year 2007


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my clients and friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. This New Year also ushers in my 30th year practising law. I am grateful and appreciate the support and loyalty that my clients have shown to me over the years. I will continue to serve you in the future, with only your best interests at heart.

On behalf of my clients, I am continually searching out synergies with qualified experts who, with my services, can even better assist you. I have now added to my team of professional advisors, a Succession Planner who, through his expertise and software, can reliably predict the extent of your estate into the future so you can better plan your estate today. Now is the time to plan for the future of your estate so you can avoid that most costly mistake of not being able to afford your retirement. If your Wills and Powers of Attorney have not been revised for a couple of years then perhaps it is to time to review them with me. Together with my Succession Planner, we can establish a custom designed estate plan for your future.

Family Law is constantly evolving and there are many aspects of support and custody that have changed in the last year. My web site has many new and informative articles, which reflect these changes in Family Law. I would encourage you to read those articles to learn how they might affect you. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your family issues, I urge you to call me for a brief consultation, which may save you untold months of anguish and financial hardship in the future.

Clients who live in Toronto may be shocked to discover that in the New Year, if they purchase a property, the Land transfer tax will be doubled. There is another option but only for the immediate short term or in certain circumstances. I urge you to call me to discuss those circumstances before you sign on the dotted line of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. I will have a new page in January on my web site, in my newly expanded real estate section, that will assist you with this tax calculation for Toronto and other expenses related to real estate transactions.

Once again I wish you the very best of this Holiday Season.

Yours truly,

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.