Year 2008


This Holiday Season, financial issues are front and centre for all of us as we watch the world economies fluctuate and stock markets seesaw. These fluctuations and uncertainties affect everyone. As I enter into my thirty-first year of practice and the fifteenth year at this location, the economy will not alter the high level of service we have always striven to provide. The strength of our office lies in its human resources and we will continue to provide the best services available.

To best assist you, we actively network with other specialized family law firms who promote sharing of knowledge and information. We speak on the telephone, exchange information by internet, meet while at court and discuss various matters of mutual concern for us and our respective clients. All of this compliments our team approach to providing legal services.

We will continue to fulfill our mandate to provide you with the best service and advice available in the areas in which we practice, Family Law; inclusive of Separation, Divorce, Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Property Division, Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements; Estate Planning, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration and Real Estate. In areas in which we do not practice, we will direct you to a firm or individual who can best provide the services you require.

Since we last corresponded with you, there have been a number of developments in the law.

  • On February 21, 2008, we hosted a web seminar at my office on Wills and Estates with participation by several specialists in that area. The RESP issue has now been resolved and if you have RESPs and have not updated your Wills in the past year, contact me immediately as otherwise your RESPs will not be protected upon death.
  • We hosted three other web seminars at my office in 08, Offers to Settle and Costs, Cohabitation and Marriage Contracts and the Six Minute Family Law Lawyer - the year in review. Cohabitation, not marriage, is absorbing court resources making Cohabitation Agreements essential.
  • A most important course we attended was Rule 15: Motions to Change a Final Order or Agreement. There is now a specific procedure for varying, in a simplified, cost-effective procedure those Separation Agreements and Orders which are long out of date, yet still being enforced.

It has been a busy and eventful year for us, but a rewarding one. Next year will be another busy year at our office and we encourage everyone to remain in touch as you require our assistance. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and the best for 2009.

Best regards,

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.