Year 2009


We have reached the end of another year and we both would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients the very best of the Season and a happy New Year.

It has been a memorable year with new and exciting technological steps forward that have moved the high quality of our services that we have maintained throughout the years to the next level. This newsletter follows the many you have received this year beginning with our inaugural electronic newsletter which was sent on May 11, 2009. We will continue to improve our services while maintaining the personal approach to your needs which we have followed over the years.

We have expanded our website,, and redesigned it to better assist you in the areas of law in which we practice. Our website now includes almost one hundred articles in the areas of Divorce and Family Law, Parental Alienation, Spousal Abuse, Common Law Relationships, Same-Sex Relationships, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Real Estate Law.

It has been an eventful year for all of us, with the economy being in decline at the beginning of the year but ending up strongly with signs that growth will continue into 2010. We trust that you will see the same continued growth in your own lives in the forthcoming year.

Best regards,

Howard S. Dyment, LL.B.