Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance

All of us need Life insurance. It can provide funds for your Family to pay final expenses, your mortgage, credit cards or ever-present taxes. Why give the government your hard-earned money when a life insurance policy can pay it for you? You can use Life insurance to provide a bequest to your favourite charity. Premiums can be tax deductible. You can use some policies as part of your RRSP, tax shelter excess funds. Policies can be used as collateral for a loan or provide funds for your children's education.

Critical Illness Insurance

Today, you are more likely to contract a critical illness and survive than to have a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other illnesses and survive. How will you continue to pay your bills, continue your income or run your business without funds? Critical illness insurance can provide you with a lump sum payment of $25,000 to 1 million + to pay you to do whatever you want. Take a trip, renovate, make your home user friendly to handicapped or impaired persons or pay your help. IT'S YOUR MONEY!!!! The policy is available with return of premium upon death, or at the termination of the plan. This is one product that is a WIN/WIN plan for the client. It pays no matter what.

Long Term Care Insurance

When you have a major illness, you are most comfortable in your own home, or your own bed. Where will you get the money? The government pays for only 4-6 hours per week. Why deplete your funds when you are ill, need extra care in a retirement home or have to go to a nursing home? By purchasing Long Term Care Coverage today, you will have a secure tomorrow.

I would be pleased to discuss how Insurance must be a part of your estate planning and refer you to a specialty insurer to help you put your Insurance Plans into effect.

Reviewed March 2015