Bought Your Home Without Title Insurance? Afraid of Fraud? This is the Solution

Buying a property can be an equally exciting and stressful experience. For many people, it is their greatest investment and it can be bring many rewards, financial, emotional, and other. But making this purchase and then worrying that it might leave you vulnerable to those looking for a quick dollar at someone else's expense can make it a nightmare.

If you have bought property without title insurance and you are afraid you might become a victim of fraud, there is a Policy from TitlePLUS that can ease your fears and protect your investment: OwnerEXPRESS insurance. You pay a one-time premium and it provides coverage for your property. It covers the purchase of houses, condominiums, cottages, residential rental properties of up to four units, vacant land, rural and leaseholds.

OwnerEXPRESS covers issues that affect your property's registered title. Some of these include fraud, rights-of-way or construction liens. Even better, it protects you against the legal costs of defending your title in the event a fraud is perpetrated against your property. The policy states which risks and losses it does and does not cover, outlines specific terms and conditions, and it insures you directly.

You can make your claim straight to TitlePLUS OwnerEXPRESS. If the claim is covered, they will either pay to fix the problem or compensate you up to the full amount of the policy. If you have to go to court, they will pay the legal costs of defending the title.

If you have purchased a property and have any concerns, please ask me about this policy and put your mind to rest.

Revised March 2015