Add-ons to Guideline Support - Save on the Amount Paid - Guaranteed

If your guideline support includes the payment of add-ons over and above the guideline support, please read on.

The payor of the add-on support will reap what could be an enormous tax benefit, actually reducing monthly, the add-on support payable, if the add-ons are calculated taking into account the tax savings to the recipient of the add-on support.

DIVORCEmateā„¢ the software I use, is the only software program available, to simply and accurately calculate the tax-reduced add-ons.

I would be pleased to meet with you and, within a half an hour, using the payor's and recipient's most current T-4 and/or pay stub if different, confirm, using DIVORCEmateā„¢ the guideline amount being paid and calculate, what I am certain will be, a lower add-on payment.

Reviewed March 2015