How To Achieve A Smart Divorce

What is A Smart Divorce?

The Smart Divorce process will help you to:

  • understand the "emotional divorce" versus the "legal divorce"
  • understand the various dispute resolutions available
  • make informed decisions
  • minimize the financial, legal and emotional stress


Be SMART about your divorce.

State your goals and objectives at the beginning. Make sure these are realistic.
Maximize your information and knowledge base.
Avoid reacting to your emotions.
Retain the best possible divorce team your budget allows.
Treat your divorce as a business transaction.

How to start The Smart Divorce

    1. Develop your support network - therapist, support groups, clergy, divorce consultant and friends.
    2. Choose your lawyer carefully - interview 3 family law lawyers.
    3. Be informed. Understand the dispute resolutions - do-it-yourself; negotiation; mediation; collaborative family law; arbitration; litigation.
    4. Put your children's best interests first.
    5. Hire the right team of professionals based on your needs - parenting expert; financial adviser and others.
    6. Get your finances in order.
    7. Stay organized - create your divorce notebook and divorce journal.
    8. Have a vision for how you want your life to unfold and develop strategies to get there.

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Deborah Moskovitch is the creator and facilitator of The Smart Divorce™. She is a divorce consultant and author of The Smart Divorce: Proven Strategies and Valuable Advice from 100 Top Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Therapists, and Other Experts.

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