Working with a Private Investigator to Help your Children through the Effects of Divorce

If your marriage is headed toward separation or divorce, a major concern throughout the process is the impact this will have on your children.

Unfortunately, the stresses you experience from your divorce will have an effect on your children - the trouble is trying to determine what these effects might be. The fear is that children develop psychological issues related to their parents' breakup that can lead to children acting out, falling in with the wrong crowd, developing addiction problems or even running away from home. Developing an honest and open environment for communicating with your children is absolutely essential for prevention, but there are also additional steps that you can take.

At our Offices, we have worked closely on many files with a very caring Private Investigator, who has more than 30 years of experience in this field. He can help with your peace of mind by determining where your children are and what they are doing when they are not under your supervision. Our Private Investigator has a background in social work and psychology and has interacted with countless individuals of diverse backgrounds under a myriad of strained circumstances. As both a trained professional and a parent himself, our Private Investigator is completely in tune with the psychological development of children and the situations and social realties they face growing up today. He will be able to help you and your children get back on a more positive path.

While being incredibly discreet, our Private Investigator is able to observe and detect patterns in children's behaviour. Whether he is working in a home, on the streets, or in an institution, he is able to identify the meaning behind behavioural patterns and bring a real world sensibility to the work he does for you. Having cultivated and maintained networks in diverse ethnic and socioeconomic communities, both domestically and abroad, he understands the universal sensitivity of relationships and treats the investigative process accordingly.

Achieving the best results for your family should not involve putting your children into the middle of your marital dispute. Rather, the goal is to help them so that they cannot only help themselves, but so that they can be part of a solution. The key is having information to make informed choices for your family and working together to achieve the results you want. This is what our team of family law professionals is all about.

Revised March 2015