Divorce and Family Law-Articles

  1. Prepare For Your First Interview With Your Matrimonial Solicitor
  2. 21 Tips for Leaving Your Spouse
  3. What you should know about Family Law in Ontario, published by the Government on Ontario.
  4. A Divorcees Relief from the Consequences of an Exploitative Divorce Agreement by Rabbi A. Yehuda Warburg New
  5. Moving Forward From Divorce by Mayim Bialik New
  6. Where do I stand? The Child's Book on Separation and Divorce, written to be read by children, published by the Government of Ontario.
  7. Getting Divorced? Already Divorced? How to ensure your financial protection
  8. Estate Planning -What to do when your marriage or cohabitation breaks down
  9. A Financial Planner's Role In Divorce Proceedings
  10. The Good Divorce - Something To Strive For
  11. How To Achieve A Smart Divorce
  12. When Woman Are Better Off Divorced
  13. More Important Than Gifts: Expressions of Love to your Spouse this Season
  14. Masters Of Love: Science says lasting relationships come down to—you guessed it—kindness and generosity. New
  15. Midlife Divorce Blame It On Your Parents
  16. Phone and Online Sex Destroy Marriages
  17. Splitting - What's so bad about blaming your ex for splitting up your marriage?
  18. Civil Courts Can Now Enforce The Jewish Law of Ghet
  19. Catholic Family Services of Toronto Group Sessions
  20. Do Grandparents Have A Legal Right to Have Access to Their Grandchildren?
  21. Working with a Private Investigator to Help your Children through the Effects of Divorce
  22. Working with a Private Investigator to Uncover the Hidden Truth about your Partner
  23. Can You Afford To Have Your Car Seized: Outstanding support payment gives the Family Responsibility Office the right to order your car seized

    Spousal Support

  24. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines: A Brief Introduction
  25. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines: A User's Guide to the Final Version
  26. Spousal Support Guidelines Are Always Relevant Even With Higher Income Earners
  27. Spousal Support Quantum and Retroactive Adjustments New
  28. Are Legal Fees Incurred to Establish Your Right to Obtain Support Tax Deductible?
  29. Can a Specialty Insurance Contract end your Spousal Support Payments forever?
  30. Spousal Support - is lump sum support achievable?
  31. The Holey Veil - Courts Can Now Pierce the Corporate Veil to Set and Enforce Support Payments
  32. Marriage Is Forever! (When it comes to spousal support)
  33. A New Shade of Gray! The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Now Apply to Variation Applications New
  34. Conduct and Spousal Support: Will your behaviour affect your claims?

    Child Support

  35. Section 7: Extraordinary Add On Child Support
  36. Add-ons to Guideline Support - Save on the Amount Paid - Guaranteed
  37. "Days Do Not Equal Dollars" When It Comes To Child Support
  38. Payor Parents Must Disclose Income Increases
  39. Child Support Guidelines, retroactive & prospective, may not apply to incomes over $150,000.00
  40. Child Support Quantum Where Income Exceeds $150,000.00 and Retroactive Adjustment New
  41. Canada Revenue Agency and the Canada Child Tax Benefit in Shared Custody Situations
  42. Man must pay support though twins not his
  43. Groom whisked away from wedding to jail for failing to pay child maintenance

    Make Room For Daddy

  44. Divorced Dads Can't Catch A Break
  45. Virtual Visitation
  46. Father's Day Advice For Single Dads
  47. Father's Right To Be A Parent


  48. Settle, Don't Fight! It will cost you even if you win it all!
  49. Custody Settlement Without Court? What You Need to Know!
  50. A Cheaper Way To Divorce
  51. More Couples Choose Friendly Divorce by way of Collaborative Law
  52. Devastated By Divorce Court: Do I really want to go there?
  53. The Winning Syndrome
  54. Self-Representation only works on Television - Use Mediation
  55. The Blackmailer's Paradox or How to Resolve Conflicts with the Intransigent Spouse During the Marriage/Relationship Or After Separation

    Parental Alienation

  56. Should Alienated Parents Have to Pay Adult-Child Support?
  57. Mom loses custody for alienating dad
  58. Family subterfuge leaves lasting scars

    Division of Net Family Property

  59. Unconscionable Conduct Equals Husband's Entire Net Family Property Awarded to Wife
  60. Divorced couples fight over shrinking assets
  61. Can the Equalization of Net Family Property be found to be unconscionable? New
  62. Business Valuations: How They Should Be Carried Out New
  63. Is an Order for the Sale of a Jointly Owned Matrimonial Home Automatic upon Separation? New
  64. Is Occupation Rent Ordered Where One Party Refuses to Vacate a Jointly-Held Matrimonial Home? New
  65. Parental Gifts: Can they be bulletproof in the face of divorce?


  66. Pension reform: An Email from the Attorney General
  67. Pension Reform is effective as of January 1, 2012
  68. Splitting CPP Credits With Your Former Spouse or Common-Law Partner

    Spousal Abuse/Assault

  69. What Should I Do If I Am Afraid of Being Charged With Spousal Assault, Threatening or Harassment?
  70. Do You Know a Woman Who is Being Abused?

    Same-Sex Relationships

  71. Living Together: Opposite-sex and Same-sex Common Law Relationships
  72. What you must consider as a same-sex couple who wish to marry?
  73. Out of the Closet: What does my Spouse do now?